Magic or Nightmare? – Winter on the Sound

Two weeks have passed since Winter Storm Jonas, which was loudly announced by the media all over the world. Today nobody even remembers that there was such a thing. Two weeks ago the Governor of New York had introduced a ban on driving during the storm in New York, warning potential violators that they would be arrested (see → Travel Ban). This ban caused a heated discussion about taking away citizens’ rights, limiting precious American freedoms and other hot topics. Well, two weeks have passed, the snow melted, and so did the discussion… The world came back to normal.


Today it is snowing again. (Coming up next… “Winter Storm Nacio”!). Well, you know, it is sort of normal in winter, especially here in Stamford (CT, USA). However this time nobody gets too excited about it, nobody calls for a world-wide alert. It is snowing almost as much as it did during “Jonas”, maybe just less windy and a bit warmer. And you know what? It is beautiful: fresh and clean.



Waiting time – Stamford (Connecticut) – February 08, 2016

To my surprise, nobody announced it on the radio, there were no alerts in the media. I would probably have missed all the fun, if I did not see “that white stuff” through my window (this might happen to you too if you allow your horizons to be limited by your laptop screen size – just as mine have been recently). Well, luckily I saw the show, grabbed my camera and went out for a walk, before the snow melts away. It was worth it to freeze my fingers and wet my camera and shoes, the magic scenery rewarded me big time.


People like to complain that the snow makes their life miserable, it is difficult to drive, hard to walk and all sorts of other weather-related nightmare, but when you look at the pictures I took today, just concentrate on the positive side, let the magic speak to you. Isn’t it beautiful? That is winter on the Sound.


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